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What are you talking about?

There have been over 2,000 nuclear bombs detonated on our planet and we are now in the midst of the largest nuclear accident in history which is currently effecting every species on this planet, including us.

I'm not one to spread fear but the path to empowerment begins with awareness and follows up with specific knowledge and solutions.

This page is intended to provide you with empowering information to help you adapt to our radioactive planet.

A little background info about why I put this page on my website...

Back in 2010 I was working at a raw food cafe an enjoying a care free adventure with a friend of mine. I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and one day my good friend and I decided to drive to the coast to wild craft some sea weeds. We drove to the Mendocino coast which at the time boasted some of the cleanest waters on the planet. We woke at dawn so as to catch the low tide, put on our Vibram five finger shoes for climbing on slippery rocks, and went to the beach. We harvested many pounds of fresh sea palm which is one of the most delicious, nutritious gifts of the coast.

Upon returning to the little raw food cafe, I set to work cleaning and processing the green treasure. I decided to experiment with making the sea palm into an even more delicious treat. I marinated in a secret sauce and covered it in nutritional yeast before dehydrating it. The result was outstanding! Almost like a kale chip but so much more scrumptious and addicting the "Sea Crunchie" was born. It was like the vegan's replacement for bacon and a mineral supplement rolled into one.

I turned all of the sea palm into Sea Crunchies, packaged them and sold them in the cafe. People loved them so much that I was approached multiple times by people that wanted to distribute the Sea Crunchies around the country. I didn't know about how I would be able to keep up with production of this delicious snack, because the season for harvesting sea veggies was over and I had already sold out of what I had.

The following spring I was getting excited and making plans to take multiple trips to the coast and make more delicious treats. Then on 3/11/11 the Fukushima disaster happened.

There was very little recognition of the seriousness of this event in the main stream media. Alternative media sources put huge emphasis on this event and the potential health risks that people in my community faced, but it was a whole ocean away and no one in the bliss land of California payed it much attention at that time. 

I began to skim the research done by the University of California at Berkeley, as they were doing testing on different local substances to determine the levels of contamination. The seaweed on the coast of California began to have elevated levels of radioactive heavy metals, as did the dairy, the soil and the general food supply.

I decided then that my entrepreneurial vision for the Sea Crunchie was not worth the potential risk of radiating people.

Also finding out about the contamination of my local food supply freaked me out, and prompted me to change my lifestyle. I began to do more research into detoxing and mitigating the effects of radioactive pollution, as it had been unwillingly thrust into my reality.

The people in my community are very conscious, healthy, and progressive problem solvers. In northern California there are a lot of people that have chosen to secure themselves through alternative means to ensure the future of them selves, their families, and their communities. With the help of local sustainable agriculture, natural water management, alternative healing, grid down survival skills, and alternative economies, the place ware I live has the potential to be a model of an empowered, sovereign, city of light. The number one thing that I hear people express fear about is radioactive pollution. The reason for this is because it doesn't matter how safe and healthy your local environment is, pollution from “nuclear accidents” can and does spread around the whole planet, and every one is effected by it.

I began to write a book which came from my search into practical solutions for surviving on a radioactive planet, but every time I got to a certain point in my writing, a feeling would keep me from wanting to continue. The feeling wasn't of hopelessness or helplessness but just a feeling that this subject was too big for me and a bit depressing.

I like to live with a feeling of empowerment and the magnitude of this subject took my self empowered feeling down a bit. 

Now it is becoming more and more a part of the public consciousness that the world is becoming more and more radioactive. I know some people that have moved to the southern hemisphere of the planet in an attempt to hide from the radiation.

If you are like me, you are not one to run from a challenge.

Besides there are nuclear reactors on every continent, including Antarctica. Nuclear reactors are every where.

We live in a post nuclear age and there is no escaping it.

You and I are not victims. We have a choice.

Our world is demanding that we adapt to our own creations.

Now more than ever, collectively we are the directors of our destiny, and the guiding hand of our evolution. 

This page is not meant to be a discussion about:

  • is the radiation from Fukushima dangerous?
  • or when the radiation will hit our side of the ocean?
  • or what levels of radiation are dangerous?

The fact is that any radiation is dangerous. Radiation from the Fukushima accident has already spread through the northern hemisphere from the hydrogen explosions that occurred during the first meltdowns, and according to the Petkau effect, prolonged low doses of radiation are more dangerous than higher ones.

There is no avoiding harmful radiation on this planet. The only thing we can do is learn to adapt to it.

This page and it's links are here to give you the knowledge and resources to actively engage in strategies that will help you to adapt to our radioactive planet.

I know this is a controversial subject, mainly because people don't want to live in fear of what they can't control.

The last thing I want for you is to be afraid!

But please, don't place blame on people that don't want to live in denial.

Be informed,

Be empowered,

and be happy to be alive during this amazing time!