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Evan Strong, Pro Snowboarder

Since recording this testimonial, with the help of Mind Body Coaching, Evan won the gold metal in the 2014 winter Paralympics.


Trisha Dellis, Superintendent


Briana Cavion, NLP Dream Life Coach

"Cassidy has a genuine heart to heal, the attuned talent of a lineage of masters, and the skill set to work with anyone: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I am blessed to have received Cassidy’s work on multiple levels. I feel that because of his work, I am more in touch with my own depth, and my own potential. I would recommend Cassidy to anyone who is introspective enough to want to take the REAL next step of getting to know themselves in order to share that gift with the world. I look forward to the time that Cassidy and I can work together again."



Camina G. Ayurvedic, Health Practitioner

"I highly recommend working with Cassidy if you are looking for a practitioner who embodies what he teaches. His unique, creative approach allows for a dynamic unfolding and healing to occur. He helped me bring a sense of organization to my work and projects, as well as gain clarity around the ways in which I want to serve. In the months we worked together, I notably saw changes and was able to reach my goals. I felt very supported and empowered in moving towards an utmost thriving state of being. I gained a lot from the time we worked together and encourage others seek him out!"


Mallory April Biggins, Outpatient Therapist

"The most important thing about working with Cassidy was his sincere commitment to helping me become the person I wanted to be. From the beginning, it was very clear that Cassidy's main goal was not to push a cookie-cutter plan, but instead to listen deeply to my story and help me move forward in a way that felt true to me. Cassidy's compassionate, sincere and structured coaching style helped me to see past my own obstacles and habits to build bridges beyond them.  In the time Cassidy served as my coach I was able to make some significant, sustainable changes to my overall lifestyle. I have felt more energized and connected to my body and my overall potential than ever in my life. I couldn't be more grateful for the chance to learn from him."

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Gina Bennet, Training Manager/Mortgage Adviser


"Cassidy! Thank you so much.  I felt so helpless and exhausted. Anyone who is experiencing difficulty in any form, they would be blessed by your presence. I feel very grateful that I am able to have you as my guide. Cassidy, you are amazing."

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Alana, Landscape Designer

"I was struggling in the relationship with my husband and felt I had lost the fiery spirit that makes me glow.  I did not live in the same town so we conducted our sessions through phone. We focused on my ultimate goal, my passion and values that shape my world and community. His confidence and encouragement in me allowed that burnt out candle to be lit again and instilled confidence in myself, my intuitions and my gifts to this world.  Throughout the six months of coaching with Cassidy I was given unique tools to heal my past and open myself up to the beautiful future."

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