Sweating is your body’s natural cooling and detoxification strategy.

In order for your body to stay at the perfect temperature for all of the biological miracles that allow you to live and function, you sweat.

When your body gets hot your skin secretes a fluid that is mostly water, called sweat. As the sweat on your skin evaporates the surface of your body is cooled. Sweating occurs when you get hot from the outside, and also when your internal environment heats up due to disease(fever) or exercise.

Sweating is one way that your body cleanses your blood and tissues, so even though sweat is mostly water it also contains toxins from your body. When you sweat your body eliminates excess salt, urea, cholesterol and fat soluble toxins.

Sweating eliminates toxins from the blood, like lead and mercury faster than the kidneys. Research has found that as much as 25% of the body's total waste is eliminated through sweat.

Sweating is one of the best ways that your body naturally removes heavy metals. Radio active isotopes are highly toxic forms of heavy metal, so sweating removes radiation from your body.

Numerous cultures have practiced regular sweating as a part of their hygiene rituals. Ancient Romans use to sweat together in elaborately adorned bath houses. Throughout Russia and eastern Europe there were banyas where people would go to cleanse through sweating, and in Finland they built saunas into the hill sides. These were places where these cultures could come together and practice the sacred tradition of  cleansing their bodies through sweating.


The Native American sweat lodge was traditionally practiced by men because they don’t have the same monthly blood cleansing cycle as women do. Now because of the toxicity of the environment women are also encouraged to cleanse in the dark warm womb of the sweat lodge.

There are a variety of ways you can get the healing benefits of sweating today.

Saunas are found all over the world now, in gyms, spas, health clubs, and in the homes of health conscious people. Some saunas use fire, some use electricity, and even others use infrared light to heat the body and induce sweating. At times water is added to a heater or to hot stones to create a wonderfully wet and hot steam that increases the cleansing effects.

When ever I have the opportunity to get into a sauna or a sweat lodge and cleanse my body on a deep level, I do, and I recommend that you do too.

If you are not fortunate enough to have regular access to a sauna you can still get the benefits of sweating every day, the way I do; Exercise!When you exercise the internal temperature of the body heats up. If you exercise with enough effort you are sure to build up a good sweat and get all the benefits of this cleansing ritual.

Any way you sweat it, your cleansing!

Because the majority of the toxins that are eliminated by sweat are fat soluble, such as heavy metals(even radioactive ones) you can optimize the effectiveness of your sweating practice by increasing the amount of fat in your blood stream before you sweat.

How would you do this?

Say you know you are going to have access to a sauna, or you are going to be lucky enough to attend a sweat lodge. For up to a couple of days before your sweaty experience increase the amount of good healthy oils you consume.

Some people even go as far as fasting on coconut oil for a couple of days before doing a series of saunas. This will allow the increased oils in your blood stream to bind with any of the fat soluble toxins in your body, and when you go to sweat you will be shedding all the built up layers of nasty fat soluble toxins.

After sweating it is a good idea to wash off your body with clean water. This will help to rinse away all the toxins and fats that are on the skin so they don’t get reabsorbed into your precious living blood.

So breaking a good sweat, every day will help your body to consistently detoxify your blood and tissues from radiation and other harmful toxins. 

Now go get sweaty!