How would you like a shield that will protect you from radioactive heavy metals wherever you go? 

Applying this strategy will give you just that, and will also make you healthier in other ways as well.

There have been over 2,000 nuclear bombs detonated and 33 documented nuclear power plant accidents on our planet. One is still uncontainable and just released its worst spill in 6 months. 

The radioactive elements have been and are continuing to be released into the environment are similar to other elements which are naturally occurring.  When a radioactive element is released into the environment it stays there for a long time.

These elements are spread through the atmosphere and get into the air, water and soil.

The problem with this is that anything that is in the environment eventually gets into you.

You are made up of your environment. You breath the air, you drink the water, and you eat the food that is grown in the soil, so any elements that are in the environment eventually get into you.

So how do you build an internal shield against the radioactive elements that are in our environment?

In order to build the most effective internal shield for radioactive elements it's important to know which elements are most pervasive on our radioactive planet.

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According to a report written in 2012 the most prominent radioactive isotopes emitted by Fukushima were iodine-131 caesium-137 and strontium-90. There were many others released as well but these 3 are the most present in our environment. 

So the strategy for building your internal radiation shield is to block these radioactive elements from getting into your body.

Most people are aware that a way to shield yourself from radioactive iodine is by taking non-radioactive iodine. When your body has an abundance of the natural, healthy, non-radioactive mineral than it will won't take in the radioactive ones.

The problem is that most of us have been eating food from mineral deficient soil so the average person has a great mineral deficiency in their body. Because your body requires minerals to perform all it's functions which keep you alive, your body will use any minerals it can get. So re-mineralization with the proper minerals is how you will build your internal radiation shield.

What are the proper minerals to block the most prevalent radioactive elements?

The first one we mentioned is Iodine. Almost everyone who hasn't been regularly taking an iodine supplement is deficient in iodine. Your body needs iodine to produce thyroid hormones which regulate your metabolism. You body also uses iodine to keep your skin, breasts, pancreas, stomach, and brain healthy. If you don't have enough good iodine your body will uptake and use the radioactive version and this is known to cause thyroid cancer.

The first ingredient in your internal radiation shield is... Iodine!

The next most prevalent radioactive element in your environment is cesium-137. When cesium gets into you it spreads through many of the tissues of your body causing problems. Cesium will go into your blood, muscle, nerves and connective tissues.

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So what mineral will block radioactive cesium?

In the body cesium acts like potassium, so if your body has an abundance of healthy potassium it will be able to let go of any radioactive cesium that it picks up easily. In your body potassium is needed for maintaining electrolyte balance, managing blood pressure, proper muscle function, nerve function, and metabolism.

The second ingredient in you internal radiation shield is... Potassium.

The last of the most prevalent radioactive elements that you want to protect against is strontium-90. When strontium gets into the body it's called a "bone seeker." This is because it accumulates in the bones and causes bone cancer. This action might give you a clue on which mineral will block strontium from accumulating in your body.

In the body strontium acts like calcium, so making sure that your body has an abundance of high quality calcium will help to block strontium.

The third ingredient in your internal radiation shield is... Calcium.

But wait. 

There is one more ingredient that is super important!

It has been found that taking calcium with out magnesium can cause problems in your body. Magnesium is essential for the proper metabolism of calcium and it makes sure that the calcium gets into the bones. So you have to also take magnesium when you take calcium. This will make sure that your body has the mineral balance it needs to effectively block the strontium.

Magnesium is also a powerful radiation protector in many ways. It is necessary for your body's natural, cellular detoxification. Glutathione is magnesium dependent and glutathione is your body's detox powerhouse. Glutathione is your body's own, self produced antioxidant and it's possibly the most powerful antioxidant. Having a lot of glutathione will help your body to eliminate any free radicals, including radioactive elements. 

There are other benefits to adding magnesium to your internal radiation shield. Magnesium is essential in more than 300 biochemical actions that keep you healthy, and because your body doesn't store magnesium the way it does calcium, most people are deficient in magnesium.

So the fourth and last ingredient in your internal radiation shield is... Magnesium!

Just a quick recap, the ingredients for building your internal radiation shield:

  1. Iodine

  2. Potassium

  3. Calcium

  4. Magnesium

There are other nutrients that will help to protect your body from radiation by boosting your immune and elimination systems(selenium, zinc, vitamin C, etc.), but having an abundance of the 4 elements listed above will make it so your body won't need any similar elements that happen to be radioactive.

Bellow is a link to the high quality, highly absorbable, and highly cost effective minerals that I personally use to build my internal radiation shield.

When you order minerals from the link bellow a portion of your investment will be donated to Beyond Nuclear's "Freeze Our Fukushimas" campaign.

When you start to remineralize your body, and build your internal radiation shield, you will be empowered to interact fully with your environment, knowing that you are that much more protected from radiation.

So get these minerals in your body now and start to build your internal radiation shield.

Abundant Health To You