This is the first of many posts designed to give you empowering resources for adapting to our Radioactive Planet.

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The entire planet is covered with radioactive heavy metals from thousands of nuclear detonations and multiple power plant melt downs and explosions.

Big deal right. I love this planet but the earth will live on, and we have little control over what other people with misguided intentions do on our small planet.


Your body is your temple and you have full control over the choices you make. You can choose to act in a way which will empower your health and vitality. 

So what do you and I do when these tiny little radioactive particles that are all over the globe and in our environment get into your body and start trying to change your precious, time tested DNA?

Your personal blueprint was crafted through generations of evolutionary success by your ancestors, and now some little man made, light emanating, toxic minerals want to get in your body and change it.

If you haven't already, it's time to get those little trouble makers out of your temple, by implementing some regular detoxification strategies. 

This page will become more and more filled with strategies to help empower you to keep the blueprint of your temple intact and your body safe from radioactive heavy metals.

This is the first resource that I'm putting out for you and it is one of the most popular, probably because it is one of the most effective.

          Molecular structure of Zeolite

         Molecular structure of Zeolite

This resource is Zeolites.

Zeolits is a mineral with a molecular structure that is very porous on a microscopic level. The molecule is like a cage that binds with and traps toxins, heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes. When you take Zeolites internally the mini mineral cages get to go through your intestines and clean the heavy metals out of them. Some of the Zeolites will also enter your blood stream and help to cleanse you on a deeper level. 

Because of the powerful binding effect  Zeolites has on radioactive elements, it been used to clean up some of the biggest nuclear disasters of all time. Zeolites were sprayed on the most severely contaminated areas after Chernobyl, and after the Fukushima disaster sandbags full of Zeolites were dropped into the seawater near the crippled power plant.

A simple web search will reveal many articles on the benefits of taking Zeolites regularly. There are many Zeolites supplements in the health market, some are liquid and others are powder. I have used both and I prefer taking the powder because I can get a real idea of the actual dosage that I'm using.

Health Force makes a great Zeolites product which is the one that I personally use almost daily. There is a link to the Health Force website on this page. When you order Zeolite or any other products linked through this website, a portion of your health investment will be donated to Beyond Nuclear's "Freeze Our Fukushimas" campaign.


I already know about Zeolites. What does this have to do with Upgrading my Zeolite detox?

Good question.

The optimization process of the Zeolite detox practice came to me thanks to my beloved partner. If you didn't know my partner is now a registered nurse and while she was in nursing school she would give me all of this cool information and statistics about the medical industry, and human health.

One day in a conversation she told me that as part of the body's detoxification process, the majority of heavy metals in the body gets accumulated in the bile and stored in the gallbladder. This makes sense because the gal bladder is a part of the hepatic system(Liver system) and a major player in your body's detoxification process.

The gallbladder releases bile into the intestines when you eat a fatty meal, as a part digestion. When the bile goes into the intestines some of the heavy metals have a chance to be passed out of your body through the stool, but the majority of them will be reabsorbed into the blood stream and continue to cause trouble.

When I heard that up to 80% of the heavy metals in the body are stored in the bile, I had an Aha moment. If you could get Zeolite into your intestines around the same time the gallbladder releases bile into the intestines, you could transport the majority of the toxic heavy metals out of your body when you eliminate the rest of your food waste(A.K.A. poop).

I realized that the natural detoxification of heavy metals could be optimized by combining 2 powerful health practices with proper timing. These 2 strategies potentiate each other and increase the detoxification when done together.

Here is the Zeolite Detox Upgrade Strategy.

                Natural Zeolite Crystal

               Natural Zeolite Crystal

The first practice in the strategy is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. This practice is done by swishing high quality, food grade oil, I prefer coconut oil, in your mouth, between your teeth and under your tongue, first thing in the morning. After swishing for about 15 min you spit that oily spit out.

Don not swallow!

The oil will absorb the bacteria and toxins from your mouth and it's best to send it out the way it came in. If you do a web search you will discover there are many healthy reasons to oil pull, mainly related to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. After oil pulling you can rinse your mouth out with salt water, to restore that clean mouth feeling.

Even though the many benefits of oil pulling are a good enough reason to take on this daily practice, the side effect of oil pulling is the most beneficial for our detox strategy.

When you swish the oil in your mouth you are essentially tricking your body into thinking that you just ate a big greasy meal. By the time you have spit the oil out of your mouth, your gallbladder has gone to work, releasing bile into your intestines to help digest your virtual greasy meal. Now is the time to drink down your Zeolites cocktail. This way the Zeolites will be able to bind up the majority of the heavy metals, including the radioactive ones, and take them out with the rest of the garbage.

It is important to practice this optimized detox strategy first thing in the morning, before you eat anything. This way your intestines will be empty and the bile will have nothing to cling to in order to get reabsorbed. The only thing in your intestines for those little toxic minerals to attach to should be the Zeolite cage trap that you have set for them.

It's a good idea to follow your Zeolite with a large amount of water so it can spread all the way through your intestines.

So The Zeolite Detox Upgrade Strategy is:

  1. First thing in the morning, before eating anything, oil pull for around 15 min.

  2. Spit that spit out and rinse with a little salt water.

  3. Take a big dose of Zeolites, followed by a big drink of pure water.

This powerful detoxification strategy is both simple and effective.

Now get some high quality Zeolites and start your upgraded Zeolites detox strategy today!

Let me know how this practice works for you by leaving a comment bellow.

Abundant Health To You