Beyond Stress

Beyond Stress


How would you like to change your relationship to stress permanently?

Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

Do events in your life make you feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed?

Do you want to discover how to end the cycle of stress, for good?

What if you could learn how to not only become virtually immune to stress?

This is possible for you!

Many people in this vast world we live in have transformed their thinking and learned to go beyond stress:

Ever since you worked hard for your first dollar you may have learned how to be anxious about loosing money, and yet people risk loosing thousands, even millions of dollars of their own money, every day in the stock market.

Middle school is when many people learned how harsh their peers can be, and yet not all of us get anxious in when speaking in front of groups or in social situations. In fact some people have learned to stay natural and confident in front crowds of hundreds and thousands of people.

The fear of getting burned is something we all learn when we are young, this first time that we touch a flame. And yet somehow, fire fighters can go into burning buildings and get dangerously close to the flames on a regular basis, without carrying the stress of their work into their day to day lives.

The fear of falling is one of the only fears that humans have when they are born. Yet some how paratroopers jump from amazing heights hundreds of times. 

What ever it is that triggers your stress may not be as extreme as these examples, yet in this training your will learn some of the tools that these professionals use to transform their stress into powerful actions and success.

If you have ever felt a griping feelings in your body that has stopped you from doing something you really wanted to, this training may be perfect for you.

In this 6 week teleclass we will be meeting for 1 hour each week.

In this training you will:

  • Learn practical tools that you can use to become virtually immune to stress. 

  • Pick up potent breathing techniques used by martial artists, military operators, mediators and yogis to literally squeeze stress from your body.

  • Discover how to incorporate stress inoculation techniques into your daily life to build your resilience both mentally and physically.

And possibly the most valuable part of this training is that you will be guided to literally rewire your mind so that what use to stress you out may begin to make you laugh, naturally.


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