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Time Bending

@ Inner Path Nevada City

200 Commercial Street, Nevada City, California 95959

Do you want to develop the power to eliminate anxiety, regret, and overwhelm naturally? Learn the secrets to healing the past and creating the future you want, while living more fully in the present moment.

All problems and dis-ease exist in time. And there is something special that you don’t yet know about the nature of time. The ancient Taoists and modern physicists have had a common understanding of the truth about the structure of time. Time is not money and it doesn’t fly. Discover for yourself how knowing the structure of time will give you the ability to get over your troubles, get through your problems and get on with living the life you desire.

In this short and potent workshop you will awaken your mind & body to true resilience. Discover what it means to live more in the now, and to do it easily. Transform limiting emotions from the past and initiate into more freedom. After this workshop what was once a problem will seem like old news and your future will be brighter and full of exciting possibilities.

$20 Suggested Donation,

no one turned away unless the room is full, which very well could happen.

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Your trainer:
Cassidy’s ability to comprehensively synthesize Eastern and Western healing technologies keeps what he brings to his clients, classes, and audiences on the cutting edge. Cassidy has trained with the founder of NeuroLinguistic Programing as well as Taoist lineage holders and both British and South African Special Forces trainers.He was called the "Secret Weapon" by Evan Strong for his unique Mind/Body coaching techniques during Strong's gold metal winning Olympic performance. He holds certifications in, and has been practicing multiple transformational healing modalities including Trigger Point Therapy, NMT, Acupressure, Tui Na, and Theta Healing for over a decade. Cassidy is a strong advocate for transforming the root of dis-ease and this passion has led to his training in Mind/Body Hypnosis and to his becoming a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP. He is nationally recognized by the NCBTMB as a approved provider for advanced level training. Cassidy holds a visionary standard for human potential which he applies artfully to his clients and students.

What people are saying:

"Cassidy's classes are fun, joyful and extensive with the subject matter they cover."

"Cassidy has put together a valuable and potent collection of techniques from an eclectic background that really work!

"I feel this teacher has dedicated himself and embodied the work. The class is set up to feel equal between all individuals regardless of where they are at in their life or practice."

"Your teaching methods are spot on. I enjoyed learning from you. Thank you for offering such important knowledge."

"I would recommend Cassidy's classes to anyone and everyone. I feel more equipped to be a human being. Also being in Cassidy's presence is refreshing and soothing.”

“It's wonderful to have a teacher with a solid background of study who can meld the wisdom of differing traditions with their own intuitive and heartfelt presence.”

“I highly recommend working with Cassidy if you are looking for a practitioner who embodies what he teaches.”

"Cassidy has a genuine heart to heal, the attuned talent of a lineage of masters, and the skill set to work with anyone: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I feel that because of his teaching, I am more in touch with my own depth, and my own potential.”

Reserve your space today.
Email: info@beyondmindbody
or Call: (530)334-6481