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Mind Full Healing
Sat & Sun, October15th-16th, 10AM-6PM
Nevada City, CA



Have you or someone you know been plagued by chronic pain, poor posture or trauma?

A healthy body requires a balanced mind. If you want to change your body for good, you have to change your mind.

In this training you will uncover your minds natural operating system and how to upgrade the programing. Discover how to help people, including yourself, to clear traumas from the mind/body permanently. Learn how to change the limiting beliefs that run in the unconscious mind that keep you or your clients from moving forward.


All of this is simpler    than you think.


And you can learn how to facilitate this kind of transformation through the skills of healing visualizations.

Not generically imagining things are better then they are. But truly transforming the operating system of the mind by utilizing the structures already in place.

Come and find the true freedom that you can have when you start consciously running your mind, instead of letting your mind run you.


Special Bonus: In this training you will be given a special introduction to Time Bending and how to use it for healing yourself and others.


12 CE hours for massage therapists.

Investment in your self is only $257.


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email: info@beyondmindbody.com,

or call: 530-334-6481


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What people are saying:

"Cassidy has put together a valuable and potent collection of techniques from an eclectic background that really work!


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone at any level. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner you'll be sure to come away with many new gems."


"I feel this teacher has dedicated himself and embodied the work. The class is set up to feel equal between all individuals regardless of where they are at in their life or practice."


"Cassidy's classes are fun, joyful and extensive with the subject matter they cover."


"Your teaching methods are spot on. I enjoyed learning from you. Thank you for offering such important knowledge."


"I would recommend Cassidy's classes to anyone and everyone. I feel more equipped to be a human being. Also being in Cassidy's presence is refreshing and soothing.”


“It's wonderful to have a teacher with a solid background of study who can meld the wisdom of differing traditions with their own intuitive and heartfelt presence.”


“I highly recommend working with Cassidy if you are looking for a practitioner who embodies what he teaches.”


"Cassidy has a genuine heart to heal, the attuned talent of a lineage of masters, and the skill set to work with anyone: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I feel that because of his teaching, I am more in touch with my own depth, and my own potential.”


Space is Limited. Register today.