“Secrets to freeing yourself from tension while making your body virtually injury proof”

Saturday, February 27th, 10:30AM-4:30PM
107 W. Main St. Suite C Grass Valley

Getting injured is extremely frustrating and painful.The most common injures that people get today are all related to strained muscles and connective tissue. Ankle sprains, groin pulls, hamstring strains, shin splints, knee injury, and tennis elbow can all be avoided by releasing excess tension in the muscles and strengthening connective tissues.

In this potently packed workshop Cassidy will share with you a highly effective system for releasing excess tension while at the same time strengthening your connective tissue and making you more resilient and injury proof.

Today, many people both old and young are putting unnecessary strain on their joints and they are hurting themselves more than ever before. Fitness activities such as yoga, CrossFit, kickboxing, cycling, tennis, soccer, and many others have great benefits, but often these same activities lead to joint and ligament tears, chronic joint pain, and muscle strains. Don’t let this happen to you.

Open chain mobility training prepares your body for strenuous exercise activity like mountain biking, skiing, martial arts, weight training, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, cycling or snow boarding. Closed chain mobility training strengthens your connective tissue in full ranges of motion; making you safer when encountering the unknown, like accidents, collisions, destabilization, and falls. Using the mobility techniques in this workshop you will actually be able to prevent injuries from happening by strengthening your connective tissue, releasing muscle tension and improving your reflexes.

After this class you will have a unique set of exercises that you can use to make yourself increasingly more resilient, strong, mobile, relaxed and kinesthetically intelligent.

Release tension stored in the body!

As a professional massage therapist for over a decade Cassidy has helped many people get out of pain and release tension in their bodies. He has even helped people to avoid surgery and return to complete pain free mobility. In this workshop Cassidy will share the techniques he uses himself to keep his body in the perfect balance of mobility and stability without excess tension or pain. With the techniques taught in this workshop in time you can even heal and reverse old injuries. You can lessen and get rid of acute or chronic pain, leading to an improved quality of life.

Extend Your Longevity and Healthy Lifestyle!

It has been found that if the structural elements in your body, like bones and connective tissue, don’t receive cyclic loading they undergo negative physiological changes and atrophy. If you want to be able to live an active lifestyle you need to prepare yourself by training your connective tissues and bones on a regular basis, for the rest of your life. The mobility exercises taught in this workshop can be practiced in less than 15 minutes and can help you to enjoy an active lifestyle into old age.

Increase your Body’s Intelligence!

This type of mobility training educates your 6th sense, your body awareness, and will give you more poise and better posture. It will help you to be smoother in all you do. Your job, your exercise, and recreation activities will be done with greater flow and grace. You will learn to allow your body to navigate obstacles and challenges with ease.

The investment in yourself is only $67

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