Would you like to have more flexibility, stability and strength while learning to prevent injuries and relax more deeply?

Learn the secret cheat codes for your body.

In this workshop you will learn the advanced stretching techniques that are used by physical therapists, special forces operatives, massage therapists, martial artists, dancers, and international circus performers to develop and maintain extreme flexibility and stability... safely.

Flexibility is an attribute that must be developed in both mind and body simultaneously. The need for the body and mind to relax and feel safe is one of the beneficial thresholds that must be traversed for a truly deep stretch to occur.

The techniques presented in this workshop will help you to build flexibility, stability and strength in full ranges of motion. This will not only give you these physical benefits, but you will also be building a more flexible, relaxed, and adaptable mind.

You will discover how to tell when you are stretching in a way that is damaging your body, or helping you to reach your goals. This way you can be sure to stay safe even when others are leading your stretching.

When you have taken this workshop you will understand the difference between Active, Passive and Dynamic flexibility and how to stretch specifically for the activities of your life and the health of your body.

And you will also get hands on practice coaching and assisting others to stretch in a therapeutic way which can be incorporated into any class or healing session.

Investment in your skill set is only $88.

8 CE hours available for completion of this workshop.

Space is limited so a deposit is required to hold your space.

For more information and registration:
email info@beyondmindbody.com
or call 530-265-4183

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What students have said about Cassidy's trainings:

"I would recommend Cassidy's classes to anyone and everyone. I feel more equipped to be a human being."

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in bodywork and healing at any level."

"Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner you'll be sure to come away with many new gems and inspiration for your capacity to heal with your hands and energy."

"Cassidy has put together a valuable and potent collection of techniques from an eclectic background that really work!"

"I feel this teacher has dedicated himself and embodied the work. The class is set up to feel equal between all individuals regardless of where they are at in their life or practice."

"Cassidy's classes are fun, joyful and extensive with the subject matter they cover."