Learn how to become virtually immune to stress in this short interactive workshop.

The average person takes 23,040 breaths every day, and each breath is an opportunity to experience more emotional freedom.

In this interactive movement workshop you will learn how to consciously program your breathing so that you will maximize your health and minimize the harmful effects of stress all day long.

In this training you will be introduced to use ancient and modern breathing techniques from around the world that will transform your relationship to your breath. These practices are strategically designed to inoculate you against stress and literally squeeze the stress chemicals from your body.

By the end of this workshop you will have a deeper experience of your body and your breath as well as a new ability to physically and psychologically let go of stress of.

Investment in yourself is only $20

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Or by contacting: info@beyondmindbody.com

What people have said about Cassidy's workshops:

"I would recommend Cassidy's classes to anyone and everyone. I feel more equipped to be a human being."

"Cassidy has put together a valuable and potent collection of techniques from an eclectic background that really work!"

"I feel this teacher has dedicated himself and embodied the work."

"Cassidy's classes are fun, joyful and extensive with the subject matter they cover."

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Register at: http://www.kinfolkyoga.com/
Or by contacting: info@beyondmindbody.com