This is the real deal, tried and true, actually attainable key to become a superhuman...

and it's easier you think.

Maybe easier is not the right word, but it's definitely more simple than learning to bend spoons with your mind, or exercising till you becoming a world record strong man, or woman. 

First of all I want to clarify what I mean by superhuman. 

If you are like me, then you grew up with a childhood inspiration to be a super hero.

I'm going to call myself out for being a little kid who was a comic book dork. I loved reading X-Men comics and many others as well. I had X-Men toys and even before being immersed in the magic of the Marvel comic world, I was obsessed with Star Wars. When I was only a couple of feet tall I would stand right up against the T.V. and watch the Star Wars movies, to the point where I thought I was a Jedi.

These are only a couple of examples of the modern mythology that shaped my consciousness at an early age, and gave me the inspiration to become superhuman. There are many more, including: Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Batman, and other super heros as well. These were the hero myths of my generation and they influenced my young mind on a deep level.

It's only natural to resonate with any hero presented to us in myth. Since before we could write, humans have been telling stories, and sharing worldview through myth. Joseph Campbell, the great myth collector, said "Myth helps you to put your mind in touch with this experience of being alive."

What could be more important than experiencing being alive?

The hero's journey is the myth that is designed to inspire every one of us. In your life you will be called out of your day to day ordinary reality, and have the opportunity to adventure. Whether you follow the call is your own choice, but if you do, you will face trials and challenges, and you will be rewarded. If you return you will be greater then you were before. This is the formula of every hero myth from Hercules in ancient Greece to Monkey in China, to Raven of the North American tribes. Even stories the bible follow the same formula.

Most of the hero myths are about people who are just a bit more than human. They may be stronger then most people, or more clever, or magical, or directly connected to divinity. Either way the hero in most myths are more than human. You might even say they are superhuman.

So with the superhuman mythology of modern society shaping our minds and putting us in touch with the experience of being alive, it's only natural to have the desire to be superhuman.

Not only is the desire natural, but becoming superhuman is very possible.

In my life I have studied many esoteric traditions of health and fitness. I have trained with healers, psychics, Taoist priests, martial arts experts, spiritual Gurus, Shamans, and Qi Gong masters. With my own personal practice and pursuit of self development, I have seen, felt, and experienced many phenomena that I once thought were impossible. All of the magical people that I have met and had the privilege to train with, were human.

In my career I help people to reach goals beyond what they thought was possible, and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling, and empowered lives. I have had clients who have broken free of their biggest limitations and overcome challenges that may seem monuments for others. I even got to coach one of my clients to the Olympics and onto the podium with a gold metal.

Does this make any of those people super human?

Nope! They are amazing people, some may even call them a hero, but they are still human.

So what makes someone a superhuman?

Super is a prefix which means "more than," like in the word "Supersoaker" or "Supersize."  So for someone to really be a superhuman they have to be more than human.

You might be thinking "how can a human be more than human?"

There in lies the secret key to becoming superhuman.

Understanding True Fitness

True fitness is the vehicle to becoming superhuman. I'm not talking about fitness as in going to a Crossfit class, spending hours at a gym, or swinging kettlebells (although I do enjoy a good KB workout). What I'm talking about is true fitness.

If you read the article I wrote titled "3 Steps to True Fitness," then you have an idea of what I mean.

The word fitness was originally used to describe how well an organism fit into it's environment. When Darwin used the word fitness in describing natural selection, he was saying that a being who fulfills a purpose in it's environment, and can adapt to changes, will survive.

So where do you fit in?

Every one of us, including you, is here for a reason. There are no spare parts in the universe.

You may have felt like a round peg in a world full of squares, but you have a role that fits you perfectly. You have a divine purpose and your deepest self knows what that purpose is.

If you don't yet know your soul's purpose, you can begin to quest for it by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is the world I want to belong to?

  2. How is the world I live in now different from the world I want to belong to?

  3. In what way will living the fullest expression of my highest potential make this world more like the one I want to belong to?

These 3 questions are powerful and will wake up a truth about your self that is very unique. The questions are also designed to steer you away from the vain idea of living your souls purpose, only for self fulfillment. Your unique purpose will be ultimately fulfilling and enjoyable for you, and whether you know it or not it will serve a greater good. When you uncover and begin to live your soul's purpose, then you will take your place in the universe and you will know for certain how you fit in to the world.

Then you will know true fitness.

You must surrender your past self, the self that hesitates, and passes up the adventure to stay in your familiar reality.

Surrender your self to your divine purpose. This is the secret key to becoming superhuman.


When you know your divine purpose, and you drop everything that could hold you back from becoming who you were meant to be, then you can begin living your purpose, and being truly fit.

Becoming superhuman really only requires a shift in perception. You will find that you are no longer just a little human. You have a role in the greater social system of humanity, the greater ecosystem of the earth, and the greater energetic system of the universe. 

You stop seeing yourself as an individual and begin to see yourself as an integral and unique part of something greater.

You are no longer just a human, you are a part of humanity, a piece of the earth, and a essential part of all that is. By living your purpose you are serving a greater purpose. Identifying with the greater purpose that you were born for makes you more than just yourself, more than just a human.

Uncovering and living your soul's purpose is the secret key to becoming superhuman.

Yours in Health