Learning to distill the essence from the difficulties you face will allow you to grow in areas that you haven't shined in.

Subjects that were the bane of your experience may become your favorite place to put attention because the advancement that you experience will be so noticeable and profound. By learning the techniques recommended in this posting you will have the ability to transform your experience and accelerate your growth exponentially. If there is an area or practice in your life that is difficult or challenging, read on and learn how to bring light into those areas and balance your life.

So many times in our lives we run into situations where things don't work out quite like we would like them to. We all have great visions for achieving our goals for our health, fitness, relationships,  careers, and our connection to Source. When we try to achieve these goals, some things flow with ease and grace, and other aspects are extremely challenging.  Recognizing and learning to love the situations that challenge us is a key step in enjoying our own growth and thus mastering our own evolution.

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Recently I have been training in the esoteric fitness practice of Russian Kettlebell Lifting with a Gold Country group called Form Is Function.  As a holistic practice it is much different than any western exercise system. The subtleties of harnessing, channeling, and not leaking "Power" is very similar to the principles I learned in Chi Gong, and quickly make you stronger. You may be saying to yourself,

"I don't care about fitness, what does this have to do with my specific challenge?" I'm getting to that part.

For one thing, the practice of proper kettlebell lifting enhances the body’s ability to become injury-proof and thus promotes real fitness. Fitness in actuality means the ability to adapt. The famous Darwin quote "survival of the fittest" doesn't at all mean that the guy who spends all of his time in the gym, who chugs Muscle Milk and has pecs so big he can't wipe his own arse is more likely to survive. It actually just means that the "Fitness" industry in America is seriously deranged, dysfunctional and doesn't actually make anyone more fit.

Gold is so valuable not because it's all over the place, lining the streets, but because it's hidden in deep dark caves and is thus a challenge to find and utilize.  In the challenge lies the value.

So in these kettlebell classes that people enjoy so much, whenever someone finds a place where they struggle with a movement or experience a unknown weakness, our instructor Eric Kenyon RKC, would say "Congratulations, you've struck gold.”  I remember the first time I "struck gold" in a kettlebell class was with an exercise called the Hack Squat. I could do other squats like the goblet squat and the rack squat with a fair amount of weight. One day Eric had us doing hack squats and I had to use a very small weight. I did a couple and went to doing other squats. When Eric asked me why I wasn't doing the goblet squat I told him that it hurt to do it. He asked me where it hurt and I told him. “It hurts my ego!”  He told me, "You've struck gold my friend."

Now I had an area to focus on that was one of my biggest challenges, and by focusing on the most difficult exercise for me, my strength in all other exercises went way up. This is a great metaphor for any area of life. If you are challenged in your business by marketing, like me, than focusing on that area of your business will bring the greatest improvement to your whole business. If personal relationships are a challenging area in your life, then focusing on this area will not only improve your relationships.  The energy return you receive from focusing on this area will flood over into all of the other areas of your life.

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Because we are holistic beings, learning to overcome a challenge in any area of our lives will inadvertently affect every other area of our life. Emotional states directly affect our physiology and our thoughts directly affect our emotions. Sometimes it takes having a coach to help us to actually go into the dark caves of our biggest challenges with confidence, so that we can reach our goals and strike gold.

I want to give you a valuable tool that you can begin to use right now to refine the gold from the challenges that you face in your daily life.

Two beliefs that you can begin to program into your mind now that will immediately help you to find the gold in any of your challenges are these:

  1. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.
  2. There is no such thing a failure, only feedback.

These two beliefs, or ones similar to these, are deeply embedded into the consciousness of the most successful people on the planet.

The first belief (everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.) allows you to transform any experience, even the most painful experience, into one that can serve you. Recognizing the ability to utilize adversity and realize that challenges are there to stimulate and accelerate your growth is essential for success in any uncharted area.
By having this belief stabilized in your subconscious mind, you will be able to have the courage to go into the dark caves of adversity, knowing that it holds the hidden seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Buckminster Fuller said: "Humans have learned only through mistakes."

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The Second belief (There is no such thing as failure only feedback) helps you to find the gold in every challenge. Looking at every challenging experience, no matter what area of our life it falls into, as feedback allows you to see the places where struggles are weighing you down, so you can put more focused attention there and bring harmony and balance to your life.

Thomas Edison is one of the most successful people in modern history. He literally changed the face of our world with his inventions. The light bulb is probably what he is most well known for and possibly his most influential invention.  If you are in a spaceship looking down at the dark side of our planet, you will see millions of lights shining from the cities into the darkness of space. All thanks to Edison!

Thomas Edison is definitely an amazing example of the power of this second belief.  While working on the light bulb Edison "failed" for over two years. He went through 3,000 different theories and 6,000 different attempts trying to bring light into the darkness. But did that stop him? Of course not. If it had you wouldn't be reading this now. Why was he able to pursue this dream after "failing" so many times? Because there was no failure in beliefs, only feedback. "If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." Thomas A. Edison

So make sure you program these two beliefs deep into your subconscious so that you can immediately begin to transform the experiences that once challenged you into the things that you look forward to because in life's challenges lie the most valuable lessons for our growth. If you don't yet know how to put beliefs into your subconscious, subscribe to this blog and in future posts you will learn some amazing tools to re-program your beliefs in ways that empower your Mind, Body and Beyond. Until then, when a challenge comes up in your life, just hear the voice of your inner strongman tell you, "Congratulations, you've struck gold."

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