This is a class I taught at HAALo in Nevada City, CA back in November of 2012.

This video features my good friend and Client Evan Strong(Pro Snowboarder), and my friend and colleague Eric Kenyon SFG.

It's nearly a 2 hour class full of information.

To get the most out of these videos get this pdf handout from the class. 



This class is an introduction to the history, uses, and possibilities of the incredible classification of herbs known as Adaptogens. We explore what makes a herb an adaptogen, what adaptogens do for our bodies, how taking adaptogens is similar to exercise, and why adaptogens are the perfect herb for humans living in this modern age. We will also look at the first four herbs to be researched and classified as adaptogens, how to incorporate them into your daily life, and how to cycle adaptogens to get the best possible benefits for overall health and adaptability.

Adaptogens Part 1

Adaptogens Part 2