The Secret Key to Becoming Superhuman

This is the real deal, tried and true, actually attainable key to become a superhuman...

and it's easier you think.

Maybe easier is not the right word, but it's definitely more simple than learning to bend spoons with your mind, or exercising till you becoming a world record strong man, or woman. 

First of all I want to clarify what I mean by superhuman. 

If you are like me, then you grew up with a childhood inspiration to be a super hero.

I'm going to call myself out for being a little kid who was a comic book dork. I loved reading X-Men comics and many others as well. I had X-Men toys and even before being immersed in the magic of the Marvel comic world, I was obsessed with Star Wars. When I was only a couple of feet tall I would stand right up against the T.V. and watch the Star Wars movies, to the point where I thought I was a Jedi.

These are only a couple of examples of the modern mythology that shaped my consciousness at an early age, and gave me the inspiration to become superhuman. There are many more, including: Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Batman, and other super heros as well. These were the hero myths of my generation and they influenced my young mind on a deep level.

It's only natural to resonate with any hero presented to us in myth. Since before we could write, humans have been telling stories, and sharing worldview through myth. Joseph Campbell, the great myth collector, said "Myth helps you to put your mind in touch with this experience of being alive."

What could be more important than experiencing being alive?

The hero's journey is the myth that is designed to inspire every one of us. In your life you will be called out of your day to day ordinary reality, and have the opportunity to adventure. Whether you follow the call is your own choice, but if you do, you will face trials and challenges, and you will be rewarded. If you return you will be greater then you were before. This is the formula of every hero myth from Hercules in ancient Greece to Monkey in China, to Raven of the North American tribes. Even stories the bible follow the same formula.

Most of the hero myths are about people who are just a bit more than human. They may be stronger then most people, or more clever, or magical, or directly connected to divinity. Either way the hero in most myths are more than human. You might even say they are superhuman.

So with the superhuman mythology of modern society shaping our minds and putting us in touch with the experience of being alive, it's only natural to have the desire to be superhuman.

Not only is the desire natural, but becoming superhuman is very possible.

In my life I have studied many esoteric traditions of health and fitness. I have trained with healers, psychics, Taoist priests, martial arts experts, spiritual Gurus, Shamans, and Qi Gong masters. With my own personal practice and pursuit of self development, I have seen, felt, and experienced many phenomena that I once thought were impossible. All of the magical people that I have met and had the privilege to train with, were human.

In my career I help people to reach goals beyond what they thought was possible, and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling, and empowered lives. I have had clients who have broken free of their biggest limitations and overcome challenges that may seem monuments for others. I even got to coach one of my clients to the Olympics and onto the podium with a gold metal.

Does this make any of those people super human?

Nope! They are amazing people, some may even call them a hero, but they are still human.

So what makes someone a superhuman?

Super is a prefix which means "more than," like in the word "Supersoaker" or "Supersize."  So for someone to really be a superhuman they have to be more than human.

You might be thinking "how can a human be more than human?"

There in lies the secret key to becoming superhuman.

Understanding True Fitness

True fitness is the vehicle to becoming superhuman. I'm not talking about fitness as in going to a Crossfit class, spending hours at a gym, or swinging kettlebells (although I do enjoy a good KB workout). What I'm talking about is true fitness.

If you read the article I wrote titled "3 Steps to True Fitness," then you have an idea of what I mean.

The word fitness was originally used to describe how well an organism fit into it's environment. When Darwin used the word fitness in describing natural selection, he was saying that a being who fulfills a purpose in it's environment, and can adapt to changes, will survive.

So where do you fit in?

Every one of us, including you, is here for a reason. There are no spare parts in the universe.

You may have felt like a round peg in a world full of squares, but you have a role that fits you perfectly. You have a divine purpose and your deepest self knows what that purpose is.

If you don't yet know your soul's purpose, you can begin to quest for it by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What is the world I want to belong to?

  2. How is the world I live in now different from the world I want to belong to?

  3. In what way will living the fullest expression of my highest potential make this world more like the one I want to belong to?

These 3 questions are powerful and will wake up a truth about your self that is very unique. The questions are also designed to steer you away from the vain idea of living your souls purpose, only for self fulfillment. Your unique purpose will be ultimately fulfilling and enjoyable for you, and whether you know it or not it will serve a greater good. When you uncover and begin to live your soul's purpose, then you will take your place in the universe and you will know for certain how you fit in to the world.

Then you will know true fitness.

You must surrender your past self, the self that hesitates, and passes up the adventure to stay in your familiar reality.

Surrender your self to your divine purpose. This is the secret key to becoming superhuman.


When you know your divine purpose, and you drop everything that could hold you back from becoming who you were meant to be, then you can begin living your purpose, and being truly fit.

Becoming superhuman really only requires a shift in perception. You will find that you are no longer just a little human. You have a role in the greater social system of humanity, the greater ecosystem of the earth, and the greater energetic system of the universe. 

You stop seeing yourself as an individual and begin to see yourself as an integral and unique part of something greater.

You are no longer just a human, you are a part of humanity, a piece of the earth, and a essential part of all that is. By living your purpose you are serving a greater purpose. Identifying with the greater purpose that you were born for makes you more than just yourself, more than just a human.

Uncovering and living your soul's purpose is the secret key to becoming superhuman.

Yours in Health




Build Your Brain Muscles with Mind/Body Geometry

Many people will spend hours in the gym, but never spend any focused time exercising their brain.

You have probably heard me say this before, but it's still true, so I'll say it again: True fitness is the ability to adapt. What has made us humans the most fit and therefore the most adaptable species on this planet, is our large sized brains. So if you really want to increase your fitness, you have got to exercise your brain.

Exercise your brain, by using your body.


Some people get old and their mental functioning declines, while others stay sharp and aware until they pass on and we don’t know how well their minds work after that.

Much research has been done by neuroscientists that proves the capacity of the brain to grow and stay healthy and functioning is based mainly on how the brain is used or misused during ones life...... So use your brain wisely.

Your brain is important so take care of it.

Your body considers your brain to be the most important part of your physiology. It has been observed that when the health of the body is in decline, resources will be withheld from other organs in the body in order to support the continued functioning of the brain.

The brain is the biggest part of the central nervous system. By weight it takes up 90% of the whole system. The brain and the central nervous system have been equated to a system of telephone wires that are carrying conversations back and forth via electrical impulses. The functioning of your body is directly dependent on those electrical impulses.

A little science.

The brain is made up of glial cells which perform all of the biochemical needs, and neurons which do the main work of processing impulses from your sensory organs. The neurons are structured in a network of branches, like a trees roots. Information in the form of electrical impulse, travels down networks that already exist called neural pathways to find it’s way to where it comfortably fits into a recognizable container.


Your brain, like the rest of your physical body is intelligent and will only use as many neural pathways as it needs to. Also like any other muscle in your body, your brain will build up and support the neural pathways that it uses often. This is the reason that habits can be so hard to change. If you have been using the neural pathway associated with a habit then the brain has a tendency to send stimulus down that pathway.

The good thing is that the brain has the ability to change. It is a quality that scientists call plasticity. It basically means that the brain will alter it’s shape to accommodate new neural pathways. The loss of plasticity is what neuroscientists are equating the loss of brain function to, in people that are aging and have symptoms of dementia, alzheimer, etc.

The more neural pathways you have then the more choice you have as to how you respond to your environment and thus the more adaptable you are.

The practice presented bellow is like the equivalent of your brain doing pushups. It will keep your brain young, healthy, and running at optimal capacity.

If you do this exercise consistently than you will be able to create new pathways to support the fitness and evolution of your human mind.

So lets begin.

Geometry Snaps

This exercise is by far my favorite one of the brain exercises that I have practiced thus far. I believe it was learning the geometries that made this one so interesting to me.

The basic idea is that you draw a geometric shape with your right hand, snapping your fingers at each corner, and you draw a different shape with your left hand, snapping at each corner.

The principal is that by using the different sides of your body in different rhythms your brain has to create new neural pathways to differentiate and coordinate the two rhythms and movements.

This practice also helps coordinate creative components of multiple sensory portions of your brain. You have to be able to imagine the geometry (visual), trace the geometry with your hands (kinesthetic), and snap both fingers to the same rhythm (auditory).

When you do this practice you can feel it working. You will feel a sensation in your brain when it is being challenged. It feels to me like heat and strain. Similar to a physical workout.


Another great aspect of this exercise is that it has varying levels of difficulty. When I was first taught this practice it was done by drawing a triangle (three sides) in one hand and a square (four sides) with the other, and then switching.


This is enough to create a challenge for most people. After you get good at this level and it is no longer a challenge, you can move up to a square and a pentagram (five pointed star). From there you can incorporate six pointed star and seven pointed stars with different combinations.


When practicing this brain exercise, keep going to your edge. If you are not feeling the sensation in your brain from the shapes you are using than it’s time to move to more complex shapes.

The sensation you are feeling when practicing this exercise is actually your brain creating new neural pathways, and thus becoming more fit.

Also make sure to alternate which shape is being drawn by which hand and which direction you are drawing the shapes. Once you have done the triangle in the left hand and the square with the right, switch and do the triangle with the right hand and the square with the left before you move on to the next shape. Practice switching hands with each level you get to before moving on to the next level.

This exercise alone will help your mind to stay youthful and flexible. If you practice this consistently you will be building more and more new neural pathways and thus growing your brains capacity and your minds ability.

Tips for success

This exercise can be very challenging, especially when you get to the more complex shapes. When moving up to a new shape, you can make it easier by looking at an image of the shape you are working on. This is a bit like using training wheels on a bicycle. Once you know how to draw the shape, it's time to "put on your big kid brain" and start practicing the shapes from memory.

Remember to breath!

Holding your breath is a natural reaction to stress, strain and concentration. When you start challenging your brain with this exercise, you might notice yourself unconsciously holding your breath.

Your brain requires oxygen to function so holding your breath will only hurt your efforts. Any time you hold your breath, your body, including your brain, goes into a mild panic state because of the oxygen deprivation.

Do your best to breath calmly, in through your nose and out through your mouth. This piece of the practice will have an impact on how you deal well in stressful situations in the future. When you find yourself in other challenging situations that requires a greater level of concentration, you will have already practiced breathing during those types of challenges. This way stress will have a harder time finding you.

Now start building your brain and building your fitness

Exercise your brain as often as you would exercise your body, if you were training for the Olympics.  

Yours in Health




How to Experience More of Life Every Day

Do you ever wonder how you can experience more of life?

I know it's a strange question, but it's probably one of the most enlivening questions you can ask.

So do you?


Of course you do, because life is wonderful.  Every life has challenges but it's obviously better than the alternative, or you wouldn't be here now reading this.

Life is for the living!

So how do you know you are really alive at all? The answer is because you are experiencing life, and the way you experience life is through your senses.

So if you truly want to live more, you just have to experience more, and I don't mean more novel experiences. Although those are fun some people can half way sleepwalk like a zombie through some of the most extreme moments. Besides your everyday life is amazing enough as it is. I know you aren't one to skydive with your eyes closed, but I'm talking about experiencing more life, every day! You can experience your every day moments more deeply and profoundly.

How can you do that?

There is so much experience to be had in every moment. It is actually impossible for your mind to take in and interpret all of the sensory input that you are receiving in this very moment, and all you are doing is reading an article.

What if you could increase the amount of sensory information that you take in on a regular basis? Then you would experience more of life. You would thus be living more and making good use of the precious gift of life .

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I'm talking about when you were a young child, not a teenager who knew it all and was pushing the boundaries of independence. I mean when you were 5 or 7 years young. Do you remember what life was like then? 

If you had a challenging childhood, like some of us, than it might not be much fun to remember, even though if you faced similar challenges today they may not effect you as much. This is because children experience the world much more deeply than us adults. When we are young everything is so new and all of our experiences are taken in on a deeper level.

As we grow older our unconscious minds begin to filter our reality. We learn how to edit our experience in order to be more productive. We don't get as enthralled with the changing color of the sky, or the sounds that the insects are making. Instead we focus our attention on what will get us closer to our goals, or what will distract us from our pain(from not achieving our goals).

We need to focus and not get distracted, or we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. So our single pointed focus takes us away from the experience of living life, and instead we do life.

Why do children experience more of life?

It is said that babies experience the world in a very different way than we do.

But how is this possible? They have the same 5 senses that we use to experience life, how come their experience is so different?

Other than the obvious fact that a baby has not yet been programmed with the experiential operating system that your mind has, which allows you to read and talk and drive and feed yourself, there is another distinctive difference.

Infants possess a quality to their senses which most of us have lost. This quality is commonly known as synesthesia. What synesthesia means is that there is an overlap of experience between one sensual experience to another sense. So if a baby were to hear a sound, there would be an associated visual or feeling experience that they would sense also. Some people experience synesthesia when they take hallucinogenic substances, and see colors coming out of guitars. Other adults have synesthesia experiences completely sober as well, meaning they are naturally able to see sounds or feel colors. Pretty trippy, right?

In most of us, when we grow up we slowly loose this overlap of senses and the world becomes more streamlined, focused, and predictable.

Or do we?

It might be that the filtering of your senses is a learned phenomenon and not a biological one. Modern neuroscience has studied the brain in depth, and they have found that there is an overlap of the visual and the kinesthetic(feeling) portions of the brain. There is also an overlap between the auditory and kinesthetic portions of the brain.

This should be a no-brainer.

This is why when you listen to nice soothing music you get a nice feeling inside, and when you listen to Rage Against The Machine you want to smash a melon that represents all of your frustrations. Also when you see a beautiful flower you get a different feeling in your body than when you see a slasher movie.

The most common example of this sensual overlap is the startle response. This is something that you have had since you were still inside of your mother's womb. It is when you are relaxing and feeling peaceful, then suddenly a loud sound startles you and you get a feeling like electricity going up your spine, and you unconsciously jump. You may have only been aware of the sound, but it's the feeling that causes you to flinch.

The truth is that in every moment you are experiencing all 5 senses at once and a strong experience in any one will influence your experiences of the others.

Recovering Your Youthful Experience

The unconscious filtering of the senses is what gives us the ability to function in the world. If we were to have an intense feeling every time we saw a very vibrant bright color, we may not be able to stop at stop lights. Or if we started seeing rainbows when we took a hot shower, you might stay in the shower all day.

So your sensory filter is good, but most of us have it turned up way too far, all of the time.

I'm not saying that you should turn off your perceptual filter completely (even if you could). I'm recommending that you begin to explore the depth of your experience in the moments of your life.

So here is the practical practice.

Start to pay more attention to your feelings. Feelings mainly happen in your body so begin placing your attention in your body more often throughout the day. By doing this you will become more aware of the little things that influence your feelings.

  • Where do you feel it in your body, when you hear a blue bird calling for it's partner?
  • Where do you feel it in your body, when you smell a pink rose?
  • Where do you feel it in your body, when you see a sexy stranger?
  • Where do you feel it in your body, when you take a bite of your favorite flavor indulgence?
  • What else do you feel?

This is a great way to begin a dialogue with your body and discover its preferences. Notice the differences in feeling quality between different foods, smells, images and practices. When you get a good inventory of what your body knows, but you have been unconscious of, you can begin to fill your life with the experiences that bring you the most pleasure. 

What other senses can you experience at the same time?

They say that the majority of people, because of the minds unconscious filtering system, can only be aware of 5-9  pieces of information. This means that even if you are at the lower end of this awareness scale, you can still be consciously aware of all 5 of your senses.

Of course you shouldn't try this while you are driving a car or preforming surgery, but you can spend a few moments every day tuning into all of your senses. The more you take the time to fully experience all of your senses, the more of life you will experience.

The more subtleties of sensuality you experience the deeper you are immersed in living life. And that is why you are here, isn't it?

So here is your homework:

Spend at least a few moments each day fully immersed in your sensual experience of life. You can do this in any situation, and you should do it whenever possible. I recommend begin practicing when sitting, or lying down. 

  1. Take a few deep breaths only focusing on what you are seeing (even if your eyes are closed you are seeing something).
  2. Take a few deep breaths only focusing on what you are hearing (there is always some sound happening, even if it's only the sound of blood flowing through your ears).
  3. Take a few deep breaths only focusing on what you are smelling (If you are breathing through your nose than you are smelling something).
  4. Take a few deep breaths only focusing on what you are tasting (if it's just the roof of your mouth, notice what it tastes like now).
  5. Take a few deep breaths only focusing on what you are feeling (Your whole body is giving you sensual information all of the time, try to feel it all at once).
  6. Now put them all together and allow yourself to become aware of all of your senses.

The last step might be challenging at first, because we are used to being consciously aware of only one sense at a time, and you usually occupy one conscious piece of information with what everyour mind is thinking.

Challenge is good because it helps you to grow.

Once this short meditation becomes more natural for you, you can practice in different situations, like the bank, the grocery store, or the garden. When you get really good you can practice while you are doing other more active activities, such as swimming or talking to a good friend. It helps if you already have some muscle memory of the activity. 

Your goal is to use as many senses as possible, as much as possible and thus experience as much of life as possible. This is a gift from the fountain of life and it just might also be the fountain of youth.

So go now and experience the sensual gift every moment has to offer you.

Yours In Health