Finally, avoid the DISASTROUS effects of stress, right now


Because Stress hurts


This is why:

Stress Hurts

It drains the vitality and libido out of you. Stress causes all disease! It makes you sick.

Physical Degeneration

It weakens your immune system. It makes you tense, injured and exhausted.

Mental Degeneration
It is the root of anxiety, fear, doubt, regret, grief and helplessness. It causes you to lose motivation and vision thus keeping you from achieving your goals

Relational and Emotional Effects

It effects your relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers. It effects your lifestyle, your hobbies, your finances, your health and pretty much everything in your life. It gives you a short temper and makes you hard to be around .

I know this from my own experience with stress. 
I use to be so stressed, so anxious, so filled with regret that I developed several diseases including tension headaches, Bruxism, sleep-apnea and a slipped disk in my spine. Stress almost took my mobility, my health my freedom.
But I wanted to be free to to move and to live so I found how to stop the daily torture I was inflicting on myself. I went searching for answers and I got more than I expected.
What I discovered was so obvious, so simple, but so different than what anyone was teaching.
So, I started to share it with other people. many other people, to see if what I had discovered would work as well for them. And guess what...? It does!

They had profound results:

  • Chronic pain went away
  • Ease of movement returned
  • People got rid of phobias
  • Allergies went away
  • New businesses were started
  • People lost weight
  • Relationships were healed

The list goes keeps going but the point is that out of that, the Beyond Stress training emerged.

I'm quite confident that… this training will work to permanently free anyones from stress, if they actually do the training and apply the techniques. People have even said:

“Cassidy's Trainings Contain The Most Potent and Powerful
Techniques To Go Beyond Stress And Transform The Root
Before Its Negative Effects Are Felt.”

Here's one example:  there is one practice in the training, that when used correctly is guaranteed to transform any negative feeling into a positive one. Many people have told me that this one practice alone allowed them to let go stress in the moment and free up their resources, their clarity and their joy. 


What if I told you that after this training, for the rest of your life you will have the techniques that are so simple and so powerful that you can literally transform your own mind and free yourself from stress in as little as a few seconds?

Would that excite you?

And what if I told you that, unlike a seminar where you have to fly for hours and spend a week in a hotel room away from your family and friends, you can discover, learn and develop all of these unique abilities without leaving your home?

What would this be worth? Be honest… if you just learn the one practice that I mentioned above, it could be worth thousands of dollars…


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Yes, I want to join the Beyond Stress Training

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In this 7 week training we will be meeting for 1 full hour each week.

In this training you will:

  • gain practical tools that you can use to become virtually immune to stress. 

  • feel how to tell the difference between beneficial challenges and bad stress.

  • Notice what foods you eat that could be causing unnecessary stress.

  • Learn how to reprogram old wounds and patterns that trigger stress.

  • Pick up potent breathing techniques used by martial artists, military operators, meditators and yogis to literally squeeze stress from your body.

  • Discover how to incorporate stress inoculation techniques into your daily life to build Mental and physical Resilience.

  • the most valuable part of this training is that you will be shown how to rewire your mind so that what used to stress you out may begin to make you laugh, naturally.

woman-hands spread sun set.jpg

Imagine what your life will be like when you are free from stress!

The content of this Training is designed to utilize meta-learning strategies so that the tools, techniques and strategies presented are easy to learn and integrate into your daily life. The Mind Body technology presented will give you an opportunity to restructure your neurology so change can be easy and powerful.

All of the classes will be on Thursday at the same time. Each class will be recorded so you can listen at any time and learn at your leisure.

Dates & Times:

May 18th 4:30-5:30pm(PST) - Free your mind from stress:

  • Why you are stressed and what to do about it!

  • understand the secret truth about stress.

  • find out The Origins of Stress.

  • The paradox, and learning to tell the difference between Good and Bad stress.

  • discover why Mastering the Mind/body feedback channels are your ticket out of stress for good.

May 25th 4:30-5:30pm(PST) - Free your past from stress:

  • why you're probably remembering the past, the wrong way.

  • cognitive techniques for Resolving Regret.

  • how you can live life with no regrets.

  • what you can do to re-imprint past experiences, once and for all.

June 1st 4:30-5:30pm(PST) - Free your future from stress:

  • why people get nervous, anxious and afraid.

  • isn't it true that what you don't know might not hurt you?

  • discover how to Abolish Anxiety.

  • learn how to Inoculate yourself against fear and anxiety.

June 8th 4:30-5:30pm(PSt) - Free yourself from stress:

  • why your to-do list may never get done!

  • understanding how the over achiever and the under achiever can both get overwhelmed.

  • the practical process to Overthrow overwhelm.

  • inoculating against overwhelm.

June 15th 4:30-5:30pm(pst) - Free your body from stress:

  • discover how to master your neurology with powerful breathing practices!

  • learn the potent self massage style that squeezes stress from your body.

  • what your dog could teach you about relaxing your nervous tension.

June 22nd 4:30-5:30pm(PSt) - Free your structure from stress:

  • Why the most common things you do with your body are causing you more stress.

  • how your mental stress is deeply affecting your body, all the way into your bones!

  •  why if you keep stressing you may end up with arthritis and a hunchback. 

  • the best exercises for realigning your posture so you can be physically and mentally stress free.

June 29thth 4:30-5:30pm(Pst) - Free your diet from stress:

  • why what you are eating could be stressing you out.

  • learn the difference between what is good and what is good for you!

  • how to Adapt your diet and habits to create a stress free Body, mind and life.

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What people, like you, have said about my classes:

"I would recommend Cassidy's classes to anyone and everyone. I feel more equipped to be a human being."
"I feel this teacher has dedicated himself and embodied the work. Cassidy's classes are fun, joyful and extensive with the subject matter they cover."
"Cassidy has put together a valuable and potent collection of techniques from an eclectic background that really work!"
"Your teaching methods are spot on. I enjoyed learning from you. Thank you for offering such important knowledge."

"The class is set up to feel equal between all individuals regardless of where they are at in their life."

"His unique, creative approach allows for a dynamic unfolding and healing to occur."
“It's wonderful to have a teacher with a solid background of study who can meld the wisdom of differing traditions with their own intuitive and heartfelt presence.”
"I highly recommend working with Cassidy if you are looking for a practitioner who embodies what he teaches. His presence and guidance was extremely helpful for me as I was moving through a big life transition."
"I really enjoyed the classes. They were a real door opener."
"I loved your breath and stress management workshop!"