Reach Your Goals and Beyond

The Beyond Mind Body Program is a holistic approach to health and peak performance that recognizes and works specifically with you on all levels of your being.

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Mind: Mental/Emotional Freedom

Learn how to change the subconscious Programs that are running your health, your behavior and your life.

The potent technologies of NLP and Body/Mind Hypnosis can be guide you to transform limitations which are keeping you from the fullest expression of your highest potential.

Your mind is the driver and perceiver of your reality. You either have what you want and are enjoying life to the fullest, or not, because of your mind.

Freeing the mind allows for healing on all levels to occur.

Cognative Work


Body: Physical Health/Harmony

Your body is designed for pain free movement, exploration and joy. Your human blueprint is built to express natural strength, poise, grace, mobility, health and freedom. Anything less then this is suffering.

We all go through stress and our relationship to those stressors cause the body to get tense. That tension begins the spiral into disease.

Learn how to free your body of stress and tension so you can become more fit and resilient and express the true beauty of your physical form.

Body Work

Beyond: Breath/Spirit/Life

Spirit comes from the word for breath in Latin. Qi or Chi means breath in Chinese/Japanese.

 In China the practice of Qi Gong has been used for thousands of years to balance the subtle energies of the body to promote healing and longevity.

Any place in your body where the breath is not flowing is a place of tension/stagnation/disease. 

You can develop the ability to fill your whole body with breath/spirit/Qi and become more healthy, happy and inspired.

Breath Work