Cassidy is the mind body coach and educator who, like you, has seen many people change over the years. There is a tendency for most to forget why you truly want to change. To get beyond anxiety, grief or regret. To gracefully navigate or initiate big change in your life. To find love, start a business or to become more fit, fulfilled, and contribute to bettering the world. These drives and desires are all reflections of your innate human impulse to grow and evolve. 

All of the goals that you have for your mind, body, health, self and life are just the manifestation of the deepest desire of all life, which is to grow and develop beyond your current situation and abilities.

Understanding this deeper impulse has guided Cassidy to develop a unique skill set, to support people who are ready to make big changes in their lives and achieve massive results. Unlike many personal development professionals Cassidy’s approach is much more personal. He utilizes, and shares with his clients, techniques that help empower them to make changes that can last a lifetime.

Cassidy’s ability to comprehensively synthesize Eastern and Western personal development practices keeps the techniques that he utilizes in his practice, on the cutting edge. With his grounded experience coaching some of the highest performing people, Cassidy brings a fully engaged, empowering and exciting experience to his clients and audiences.

Cassidy has worked with some of the best and brightest high performing people from the professional athletic world, the every day grind world, the esoteric fitness and health world, and beyond. He has worked with Olympic Athletes, world renowned trainers, performers, healthcare professionals, engineers, healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs from around the world. People such as Evan Strong (Olympic athlete) have partnered with Cassidy in order to take their performance to the next level in order to win gold medals and keep balance with their home life. Cassidy has also worked alongside world renowned trainers like David Fabricius, to facilitate transformational experiences and initiations.

Prior to his focus on coaching and teaching, Cassidy helped to bring healing to countless people. He has been recognized as a powerful intuitive and hands on bodywork therapist. Utilizing the unique belief changing technology “Theta Healing” along with his years of experience in numerous healing modalities, Cassidy has been called a “miracle worker” by some of his clients, but he knows that the miracle is the human’s innate intelligence and ability to transform. Cassidy has facilitated workshops and classes in the realms of personal development, balancing stress, herbal medicine, nutrition, breath control, subtle energy, martial arts, health and fitness. He is consistently learning and updating his skills set to bring the best to his clients. Cassidy is a licensed MasterPractitoner of NLP through the society of NLP and is also a certified Life Coach, Motivational Coach, and Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Because of his ability to hold a visionary standard for human potential, and the way he supports people in taking the practical next steps towards evolving themselves and reaching their goals and beyond, Cassidy has been called by his audiences and clients “RE-Evolutionary.”

After working in the community, Cassidy now works with a small number of clients on a one-on-one basis.

If you would like to learn more about Cassidy's upcoming events or schedule a one on one session, feel free to contact him directly.